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>> 5.13.2009

Sapphire is the most precious of all blue gemstones. It's incomparable beauty, hardness and durability has made it highly sought after. The perfect alternative for an engagement ring. Blue are what best characterize the beauty of sapphire jewelry. Sapphires have been recognized for their beauty for centuries. It was the ancient Persians who came up with the belief that the sky around us was actually the reflection from a huge sapphire which contained our planet suspended in its middle.

Although we know better today, of course, some members of our modern society believe that the sapphire is a symbol for truth, sincerity, and faithfulness. Sapphire is also the September birthstone. Although it comes in a wide variety of colors, there are no red sapphires because this would mean it was actually a ruby. The only difference between these two gemstones is the presence of iron in alluvial deposits, which lends its color to a sapphire. One of the more unique varieties of sapphires is the Padparadscha, which is a combination of orange and pink colors, considered a “fancy” stone.

Any of these varieties makes for a very beautiful and high quality piece of sapphire jewelry which can be set in either white or yellow gold. The quality of sapphires is determined first by color. It is not the darkest shade of blue which is most desirable, but rather a medium shade which is both quite vivid and intense. The stone should be clear and not cloudy as well as not having any green, black, or gray tones.

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